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Overview of the eScape method

eScape is a word-processor manuscript to e-book format creator that will produce the highest production quality outputs.

eScape lets you instantly turn a correctly styled MS Word (DOC, DOCX), Libre Office (ODT) or Open Office Writer documents (ODT) into perfect and production quality ePubs, Kindle Mobi's and PDFs. You will be instantly ready to do business with your content.

It works like this. Overview...

  1. You style a word-processor document using IGP Structure StylesTM.
  2. Prepare your cover image (you can also use prepared images).
  3. Drop the word-processor file and cover image into the processor.
  4. Set your metadata and format options.
  5. Submit.
  6. You will receive an email when your formats have been generated and are ready for download.

It works like this. In detail...

You apply consistent predefined content styles to a Word Processsor document. We call these Structure-StylesTM. The applied Structure-Styles are providing  instructions for the processor to convert the word-processor file into XHTML5.

The difference between this approach and ad-hoc document or PDF conversion styles is the XHTML generated is highly structure controlled IGP:FoundationXHTML. This is highly reusable XHTML. Your ePubs can later be imported into IGP:Digital Publisher for value added enhancements if and when required.

That means you have to get your styling correct up front in your word-processor manuscript. That's a little more work but it is worth the effort. The result is consistent, high-quality, processible XHTML ready for a business future.

eScape processes the Word Processor file; strips out all non-defined styles; and what is left is a clean, standard IGP:FoundationXHTML file.

This controlled and stable XHML structure gives more than average structural complexity, but more important - consistency and quality. This increases what can be done with your files, and the future value of your e-books.

To get this consistent, reusable and extensible, stable predefined XHTML structures need to be added to the content.

In eScape Online this is done with the OTT and DOT template styles which are transformed into consistent XHTML structures.

In IGP:Digital Publisher, this is done by directly creating, editing and composing the document in the User Interface. Both products use IGP:FoundationXHTML. (IGP:FoundationXHTML is print PDF, Online and other e-book format package ready).

e-book and other dynamic e-Content require consistent stable XHTML structures, to allow processors, stylesheets, and other tools to use them reliably into the future. This XHTML consistency means you can easily apply different stylesheets to the same XHTML without any effort, and customizing stylesheets is easy because of the structural consistency.

The costs

The costs are very low considering the value you receive.

  1. You are required to work with a little discipline in your word processor to ensure structural consistency of the XHTML that is produced.
  2. If you are not familiar with Word Processor templates, you will have to do a little learning to use the various tools. The application is free. The interface is simple and easy to learn.

The benefits

You will be able to make highly formatted, high-quality, e-Books for all sales channels - Amazon, Google Books, Apple iStore and others.

You can customize them any way you like. For example:

  1. Create different styled looks. Use colour (you are allowed to with e-Books, there is no plate investment)
  2. Create personalized books. Change the dedication page for individuals and put your message inside.
  3. Annotate your e-books with guide text so you have permanent editorial notes and production instructions embedded in your master Word Processor files.
  4. You can share styled Word Processor files as easily as the ePubs.
  5. Once a book manuscript is Structure-Styled, you can generate it as many times as you need in as many formats as you need with IGP:Digital Publisher.